Nancy La Rosa is a Peruvian artist that works across drawing, printing, photography, video and installation to refer to the different forms of extraction of the territories and the power relations that exist in their depictions. Her search involves learning about the ways in which territories are experienced, represented and valued. La Rosa’s traces the life of the extracted materials, its agency and the way in which it can give meaning and relate to different lives.

She is a former resident of Wiels Brussels, Capacete Rio de Janeiro, ArteActual FLACSO Ecuador and LARA Project in Cusco, as well as site-specific residency projects in the Amazonian cities of Madre de Dios with and in the River Beni with KM0 Kiosko Gallery. She holds a BA in fine arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and have studies of Visual Anthropology from the same university.

Her work is part of the collections of Museum of Art of Lima MALI, Museum of the Central Reserve Bank Peru MUCEN, Lara Collection Asiaciti-Trust Singapore, Diezy7 Collection Barcelona and have been shown in institutions such as Matadero in Madrid, the Visual Arts Center in Austin-Texas, Solo Projects in ARCO Madrid, Museo Qorikancha in Cusco, Contemporary Art Museum MAC Lima and the University of Essex in UK.

She is a member of the collectively owned art collection ‘Colección Cooperativa’, an association created to generate an art collection that rethinks the paradigms of collecting and the construction of art-historical narratives.